Monday, October 15, 2012


Come on! I know I wun post this forever if I dun write the post now. LOL..
So this is a post regarding a short film competition named 48 hours film project. All TARC Diploma in Broadcasting students yr 2 took part in this competition. 
So my class named ourselves as EINSTEIN II production team.
Our short film is THE PUPPETEER.
Well, I wun talk about the synopsis here.
So if you are really interested, u may watch our

1. Trailer
2. Full Version

We had fun and of coz learnt lots of new stuff..
Hope u guys enjoy the short film :)

p/s: we get the best use of line and dominated in the best film, the best actor, the best character, the best audience choice (2nd), and the 2nd runner up film !!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well, DBC2 (Diploma in Broadcast Communication Year 2), sem 1 is indeed a very hectic sem...
Since we have become year 2 student in TARC, lecturers put higher expectation on us...
Assignments and assignments are overwhelming all the DBC2 students..
After we have done one assignment, many more assignments are waiting for us to complete...
We are all exhausted... (x.X)

However, we do have fun while completing all the difficult tasks given...
We gain new experiences and at the same time our relationship with classmates gets better ^^

Besides, I am really blessed in this sem...
I wanna say a big THANK YOU to my dear God...
and also not forgetting to express my appreciation towards my family and friends who are always there to support me :) THANK YOU so much... without you guys, I wouldn't have been through all these smoothly..

Well, I think there are some good news for me this sem which I am very happy with..
1. I get the highest mark in midterm in DBC2 for Chinese Writing for Mass Media 
2. My group assignment for Chinese Writing for Mass Media gets the highest marks as well for both presentation and paper work thus we are chosen to present our TV program in the lecture hall in the presence of DBC1, DJR1, DBC2 and so on
3. I get the highest mark for English for Mass Communication long report presentation and get chosen for final competition in English Fest
4. My group won the first place in group presentation in English Fest

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my dear English lecturer, Miss Sri for giving us this chance to join this competition. The winning part is really unexpected, as we know that our competitors are extremely qualified and professional. 

All I can say is that we can do all things through God who strengthens us..
I am nothing without God...
Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your 2nd Birthday





Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy valentine's day

Well, valentine's day for 2012 has over.. So let me make a conclusion about valentine's day feeling.
Erm.. I am still single, so.. hehe.. It's juz another Tuesday for me..
Anyway, this year special a bit bcoz I was in girls sch for many years, thus.. I never knew how would a valentine's day be like in college.. whereby there are boys and girls...

Haha.. I only saw many couples holding hands, but I din see anyone holding flowers..
Nothing much special also.. haha..

However, I received 3 roses and a box of chocolate from my best fren.. So happy la sure.. haha..
First time receiving roses on valentine's wo.. xD
So touched lo.. haha.. And now I SENG MOK dy... I placed the flowers in water so that they can last longer ma.. haha..

Happy Valentine's Day to u all ya... <3
Appreciate ur lover, if u do hv one..
Appreciate ur single life, if u're still single like me ^^

God bless u... =)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 to 2012

Yeah... It's time for countdown again!
How do you feel right now?
Excited? Sad? Nervous?

Well, for me, I feel kinda excited.. even  though I know I am getting older.. I know that it's a process of life. When I see some elder people standing at bus stop waiting for bus, I always wonder will I turn into one of them   very soon? I know I will, but I will still stay young in my heart.. HAHA..

Last time I was used to people calling me MUI MUI (means younger sister), but now.. I realized that more and more people are calling me JIE JIE (means elder sister) instead of MUI MUI. I wonder how long it takes for people to call me AUNTY >.< or even PO PO.. Haha.. I know I am thinking a little bit too far, but.. seriously.. time flies.. I remember when I was young as in when I was still studying in kindergarten or even primary school, I always complained that time is moving way too slow. I wish to be like a BIG jie jie study in secondary school, and I always admire secondary school uniform as it's much nicer than the primary sch one. Hehe.. This is just my personal opinion. But now, I am already a college student. When I first came into college, honestly speaking, I couldn't accept the fact that I am already in college level. What would happen in few years more? Nobody knows, indeed.

Anyway, this year has been a great year to me. Even though I experienced something which caused me a lot of pains. However, in life there is sorrows and joys. If we have God walking with us, everyday is a HAPPY DAY. Indeed, without God I could hardly imagine how would I be like now. I am really glad that I know God. At least when I am having some problems, I know who shall I look for. That's GOD. I love God because He loves me very much. Friends and family might fail us, but God never fails.

Besides, I would really like to thank some important friends which have played an important role in my life helping me to go through my pain and of course my happiness as well. They know who they are. So I need not mention their name. Hehe..

What happened in 2011?
Let me do a quick summary of my 18 years old life.
1. First time working
* The first job I get is working as a cashier in a gift shop in Sungei Wang. Haha.. Well, I only worked for less than a month. To be precise, maybe worked for only half of a month. I met with some new friends when  I was working. I enjoyed working because my work is so relaxing. I miss my working time so much. And of course, I miss my working partner too, Wai Soon. LOL.. He is indeed a humorous and friendly guy.

2. First time entering college - TARC
* Well, say BYEBYE to St Mary School and now I am officially a TARC-ian. Entering college life is like moving into another stage of life and my life will never be the same again. Wow, it sounds scary though. HAHA.. Erm.. college life means what to me? I think it means that I have to rely more on myself rather than other people. In short, I must be more independent. But of course FROG (Fully Rely On God) is what I shall not forget. College life is indeed very different from primary sch or secondary sch life. There is no more like so-called rules or regulation. Even though there is, there will be no one to stop you from breaking the rules. Many people may claimed that they have freedom now. Anyway, I always believe what my Sunday School teacher taught me is right. True freedom is we can don't do what we don't want to do. Well, college is really a good place for me to learn how to grow in a faster manner.

3. Talentime Night 2011
* Well, first of all, I wanna praise the Lord for giving me this opportunity to join Talentime Night in TARC. My group - D'Angels has won the first place for group singing category. It's indeed something I should really thank God and thank to all of my group mates. They did a wonderful job and I enjoyed every moment I have spent with them. Talentime night aka TT nite. I have learned a lot of things from seniors. I really hope that TT nite will always be there. I am sure that I would be glad to see more and more TT junior coming soon :)

4. Getting CGPA 3.9 for first year sem 1
* I know that it's indeed by God's grace and mercy that I could achieve this good result. I am not sharing this out to praise myself but to praise the Lord which always grant me with wisdom and guidance. He is the source of wisdom. :) God is willing to help us, what we need to do is just to ask Him for help and we do our part too. =)

5. First love
* I am sorry to say that I have already break up with my EX, which is also my first love, Mr Ban. I would not like to mention his full name just to protect him and respect him. However, let bygones be bygones. I wish him always happy and found his true love one day. Of course I pray that he would come to believe in Jesus one day so that he will get eternal life too. And, I am single now, you may consider me, ONLY if you really seriously love me. Play boys, don't ever come near me.

6. Baptism
* Yea.. I am 18 now and I can now proudly accept baptism by myself instead of my parents. For those who don't know what my belief is, yea.. I am a Christian and I am proud to be a Christian. Being a Christian doesn't mean that I am perfect and holy. I am still weak, but I will rely on God to be a better person and I know I would follow Jesus.

7. Good friends
* I am really grateful that God bless me with a lot a lot of true friends. I know they are always there whenever I need them. They are true friends indeed, as we know that a friend in need is a friend indeed. I wanna thank them for all the things they have done for me. I really really appreciate it much.

8. Secret
* LOL.. I am secretly in love with... MYSELF.. wakakakaka..
*Kena fooled*

YES! You are right, I am still that LAME.

Well, thank God for guiding me throughout this year.
I am sorry for all the wrong things which I have done.
I wanna be a better person in the coming years.
I love you, Lord.

Goodbye to 2011 and say Hi to 2012.

Friday, December 9, 2011


DJ Flora Low 刘雅恩 ^^

    noun /ˈpädˌkast/
    podcasts, plural
    A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc

    The definition of podcast is stated as above.
    This is the first podcast I produced by myself.
    Well, it seems quite interesting to record a podcast. U can train yourself to talk with feelings and emotions. On the other hand, we learn how to plan the script as well. Before I started record my first podcast, I was wondering what would be the suitable material to be broadcasted. The idea of sharing something meaningful came into my mind and thus I started to search for meaningful stories. In the end, I found this story. Hope u guys enjoy my first podcast. =) There will be more coming soon..

My first podcasting by floralow

Support my page too.. thanks <3

Thursday, December 1, 2011



Monday, August 1, 2011

Long time no see! *Talentime night 2011*

Well.. It has been a long time I have abandoned my pretty little bloggy..
Awww.. dun sad ya my blog.. I am back here to sayang u ^^
Lots of things happened of course..
In fact, too many things happened recently till I dunno where should I start telling from..
Maybe I will only touch on certain important incidents that took place in the past few months of my college life..

First and foremost, I would like to share with u guys about one of my unforgettable memories in TARC.. Without doubt, it's the "Talentime Night 2011"...

"Talentime Night" is one of the events that targets all the freshmen in TARC. Therefore, it can be considered as an important event for freshmen especially for those who take part in it.. 

Indeed, I had a great time enjoying all the practises and performances..
25 June 2011 was d actual night of Talentime night 2011..
All of us were so excited.. seriously, no words can describe how excited we were on that very night.. 
We had spent almost 2 months time for this event..
Of course we were all so touched on that night..

Thank God for His grace and mercy, my group "D'Angels" won champion for group singing category that night.. tell you the truth, we did not expect that we would win that night cause we received a lot of negative comments during the 2nd P&P.. 

Anyway, I am so glad that I was one of the finalists of TARC Talentime Night 2011..
It was indeed a great experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life..

P/s: I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my group members- Moon Wong, Xhirley and Christine for everything ^^ I love you all ^^

LOL.. I dun really rmbr what happened dy.. I shall continue next time xP

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movie + Wing's cafe

Well, today is a PHD aka Public HoliDay.. xD
LOL.. S.Yeong, Aaron and I went to KLCC to watch movie.
Erm.. there wasn't many ppl as I thought at there actually.
Basically what we did are watching movie, eating and walking around KLCC.
That's it.. Ha ha.. We actually planned to hang out yesterday night.. LOL..
That's why ended up din know what we were doing.. xD

We watched the movie "PAUL"...
Erm.. it's quite hilarious... but contains lot of dirty words.. =S

After watching movie, we went back home lu..
HAHA.. at night, we went to Wing's Musicafe..
Erm.. no singer yet..
The food is quite EXP..

LOL.. nth special coz no singer yet xD

Okla.. now so sad coz know that the audition for singer for wing's is closed =(
Sad la.. Anyway.. There're many more things i can do xD

Gambateh for TT night! ^^

God bless u all xD

Monday, May 9, 2011

My first week in TARC

3rd May 2011 (Tues)
Today is the first day of my college life. Once I stepped into TARC.. I saw lots of people. I knew that I was in the right college as most of you know that TARC is HUGE..!! When I almost reached TARC, I saw lots of freshmen lining up to get their T-shirt as well as a plastic file filled with student handbook, pen, pendrive and so on...

Nah.. These are what I found in the plastic file except for d student ID.

After changing into d TARC shirt, we were all gathered in the college hall which can fit about 2k of people. Guess what?? I saw Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting (Chinese黃家定pinyin: Huáng Jiādìng) [ a Malaysian politician and a former Minister of Housing and Local Government in the Malaysian cabinet. He is also the former President of the Malaysian Chinese Association and is the Member of Parliament for Kulai.] *copied from Haha.. It's because he came to our college to give us a speech.

After the mass call, we were led by some seniors to tour around the college.. We were being dismissed after the tour. I heard from Chen Hoe that he had made his student ID.. therefore, I went to CC to make my student ID as well, met with some new frens, they are so humorous and frenly.. ^^

When I was waiting for PV10 bus, I saw my roommate, so we waited d TARC bus together. However, the TARC din come, so in the end we took metro bus and walked back to PV10. LOL... My eyes detected Domino's.. So my roommate and I decided to tapau (bungkus) d Domino's pizza.. ^^

So nice ya xD

End of the 1st day..

My roommate (Sharon) and I ^^

4th May 2011 (Wed)
Today is the 2nd day of my college life. Walked to d respective building by myself. What we did is actually introducing ourself and choosing course rep. Nothing special for me.. I dun rmbr what I did on the second day.. But i know someone betrayed me and I was emo for a long time. HAHA.. and yea.. met 2 new frens, Shen Yeong and Joel.. xD They are Aaron and Wai Jin's frens.

5th May 2011 (Thurs) 
This is a wonderful day to me. Why? I am sure you're wondering now.. Yea.. I went to d Talentime night a.k.a TT nite audition. I was quite nervous when I stepped into d audition classroom.. I sang 2 songs, 很想很想你 and I believe I can fly. In d end, they requested me to sing 记得... So basically I sang 3 songs.

Aaron and Wai Jin decided to go redbox in Low Yat to sing k. They invited me as well.. So 3 of us actually took bus to Lot 10 and went to redbox sing k. LOL.. Both of them sang only english songs, as for me, I sang mostly Chinese songs xD

When I was back to PV10, I received a call from TT nite commy, she told me that I was being selected to be one of finalists for TT nite. I asked her whether I should go for the second audition and she told me I straight away become d finalist, no need 2nd audition. I was so so so HAPPY at that moment and I really wanna thank God for His grace and mercy. It's so unexpected!!! Hallelujah!!

6th May 2011 (Fri)
9am I went to d ATCL- Adjustment To College Life.
We played some ice breakers and amazing race.
Get to know some new frens.
Jason Lee, Vaan, Kim and so on.

2.30pm I went to TT nite briefing. I saw my  有料不怕 show singing partner there. She is one of the finalists too. Haha.. xD

After the briefing, I went to SSH office and submitted the photocopy of my SPM slip, the person in charge said a "Wow" when he saw my result. Erm.. I dunno why I rmbr this incident. LOL..

My mum came TARC and fetch me back home.

So this is d end of my first week of college life.
It's quite tiring, but at the same time FUN FUN FUN!! xD

I saw lots of my primary and secondary sch frens.
Thank God for putting me in this college.
I am deeply falling in love with it now.

Take care and God bless u.
Have a nice day ^^

Monday, May 2, 2011


I love TARC..
Because I am gonna start my college life in TARC tmr..
The dearest college to me ^^

Erm.. dun ask me how am I feeling now..
Because I dunno as well..
I have a mixed feeling of excited and scared??

Haha.. but I think I can sleep tonight =P

Well, I love where I am staying now.
I juz pindah in to my new room yesterday..

Wanna have a look?

Nice right??

Okay... I can't wait for tmr to come.. xD
Hopefully everything will go smoothly..
All the best to all d new students.

God bless everyone ^^

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
Thank God! He has answered my prayer!

I was actually finding a roommate to rent a room near to TARC, so that I need not travel from my house using KTM and LRT.. As most of you know, our KTM service isn't satisfying at times, and indeed, staying nearer to the college would make you feel like studying hard!!! Hehe.. ^^

So what happened was.. Yeah!! A girl FB msg me asking..
"i nid a room to stay..r u need cnese female only??"
Well, obviously, she's just like me finding for a roommate..
And guess what??
She is a Christian too!!
I was so happy when I realized that she is a Christian as well..
Hmmm.. at least I can hv someone accompany me reading bible as well as praying ^^

Her name is Sharon Stvenmaniam.
Quite easy to rmbr ^^

She told me that she was praying to God to bless her with a room as well as a good roommate..
So it's actually out of out expectation to get a Christian roommate =)

Seriously, I had been so tired searching for a roommate..
Thank God for His grace is sufficient for me.
I love u Lord!

Indeed, God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good.
When you pray continuously, God will answer your prayer in a perfect timing.
What we need to do is trust and obey.

God knows our needs even before we have requested it to Him.

But of course.. God would like to hear our voices praying to Him =)
Aiya... God loves u and me ma.. He misses u lo.. ^^

Hiak Hiak...
My roommate is an indian girl and she comes from Kuantan..
Yeah! I am so happy... do u know why?
It's bcoz..
1. I can learn to speak english/ even tamil
2. I can learn more about Kuantan ^^

Praise the Lord!!!!
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day ahead..
I pray that you'll be able to experience God's blessing and His wonderful love in your life as well.
Take care, love u ^^