Monday, October 15, 2012


Come on! I know I wun post this forever if I dun write the post now. LOL..
So this is a post regarding a short film competition named 48 hours film project. All TARC Diploma in Broadcasting students yr 2 took part in this competition. 
So my class named ourselves as EINSTEIN II production team.
Our short film is THE PUPPETEER.
Well, I wun talk about the synopsis here.
So if you are really interested, u may watch our

1. Trailer
2. Full Version

We had fun and of coz learnt lots of new stuff..
Hope u guys enjoy the short film :)

p/s: we get the best use of line and dominated in the best film, the best actor, the best character, the best audience choice (2nd), and the 2nd runner up film !!

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